Prikazuju se postovi od srpanj, 2014

Industrious months of Dinaric Arc Parks

Butrinti leaflet May –July 2014 was an action-packed period for Albanian team of Dinaric Arc Parks. After the first workshops on PAs benefit assessment and preparation for application process of Valbona National Park to EUROPARK federation, it arrived the second communications training of 20 Albanian PA managers. Topic?…..How should national parks become relevant to Albanian people? How could managers speak to various publics and media in order to effectively deliver their conservation message? The basic means of communications and interpretation of natural heritage were explained during previous training of March, therefore now was the time to practice with “hands on subject”. Through numerous examples, ideas and options to exploit, the protected areas’ managers realized that communications can be a strong tool to “convince” both famers living in their parks and visitors from big cities.  ...for local people By end o

Proslava Dana Europske Amazone

Veliki skok, u nedjelju, 13.7., na obali Drave kod Križnice u Hrvatskoj WWF je u partnerstvu s Euronaturom i brojnim lokalnim nevladinim udrugama ove nedjelje proslavio drugi Dan Europske Amazone. Slavlje zdravih rijeka obilježeno je raznovrsnim događanjima i proslavama na prirodnim obalama Mure, Drave i Dunava. Tisuće ljudi diljem cijele Europe istovremeno su skočili u rijeke obilježivši tako akciju Veliki skok, kojom se odašilje važna poruka: žive rijeke i vlažna područja imaju veliku ekološku vrijednost, za razliku od beživotnih kanala koji služe samo kao plovni putevi ili za proizvodnju električne energije. Više o samom događaju pročitatjte ovdje!

Montenegrin president supports Dinaric Arc Parks project

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic gave support to WWF's project Dinaric Arc Parks. By sending his letter of support, Vujanovic joined his colleagues from the Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia. "On this occasion I want to tell my appreciation to the initiative of WWF in the nature protection of the Dinarides. This letter is to express my support to the Dinaric Arc Parks project, starting from its exceptional value in promoting regional cooperation, environmental protection, economy, culture and tourism," says president Vujanovic in a letter sent on the 4th of July to the project manager Leon Kebe.

Podrška crnogorskog predsjednika Parkovima Dinarskog luka

Predsjednik Crne Gore Filip Vujanović dao je podršku WWF-ovom projektu Parkovi Dinarskog luka, pridruživši se tako svojim kolegama iz Hrvatske, Makedonije i Slovenije. "Ovom prilikom želim da saopštim visoko poštovanje inicijative WWF-a u ekološkoj zaštiti Dinarida. Ovim pismom iskazujem podršku projektu 'Parkovi Dinarskog luka' polazeći od njegove izuzetne vrijednosti u promociji dobrosusjedske regionalne saradnje, ekološke zaštite prirode, ekonomije, kulture i turizma", stoji u pismu predsjednika poslanom 4. jula voditelju projekta Leonu Kebeu.

Assessment of protected areas in Kosovo and Montenegro

Prokletije National Park Biogradska gora National Park WWF team visited parks Germi and Sharr in Kosovo in late May making assessment of ecosystem benefits in both parks using PA BAT methodology. With great interest we have heard good suggestions of local residents, interest groups, businesses and local authorities. After finalizing these assessments, we are proud to say PA BAT methodology was implemented in all eight countries that Dinaric Arc Parks project is covering. The same week we went to Montenegro to have same type of workshops in two national parks - Prokletje and Biogradska Gora - by which we've completed the assessment of all five national parks in Montenegro. Biogradska Gora is in the process of preparation for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of EUROPARC's Federation and they have just held the third forum of stakeholders. This assessment helped them to find out where the locals see the potential for sustainable tourism. Focus of the worksh

Monitoring of large predators in the National Park Tara

Due to the need for more precise determination of the characteristics and population size of large predators in Serbia, a number of photo-trapsduring was set last year in the National Park Tara in Serbia. Monitoring is primarily related to brown bears and wolves, but it is also assumed that the lynx could be present in the park. Large predators are very important to the ecosystems of the National Park and are protected by national and international laws. During this year an acquisition of additional ten photo-traps is planned with the aim of establishing the monitoring of large predators with infrared light. In addition to the possible detection of rare and endangered species, the size and density of the population can be obtained by modelling indicators on the basis of the collected data. The advantage of photo-traps is that they can be also used to monitor other wildlife species and their habits, which are important for this protected area, such as wild goat and deer. Tara rive

Lynx first recorded in Paklenica National Park

Lynx in Paklenica NP In 2011 the Paklenica National Park initiated the use of photo traps, digital cameras, which are activated by the motion sensor. Employees of the park are setting traps close to salt licks, animal passages, puddles, etc. During this time there have been reported following types of animals: chamois, roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, mouse, badger, marten, weasel, fox, wild cat and some bird species. From large carnivores wolf was shot several times, and the bear appeared regularly before the cameras. Lynx was first recorded in December 2013. It is also the first official evidence of its presence in the park. Along with a few photos and a short video was recorded showing lynx haunting chamois. It is very likely that the lynx came to this area because of the chamois, whose numbers have significantly increased in recent years. Francis Špalj,  chief superintendent of National Park Paklenica

The Pelicans Day established on Lake Skadar

Celebration of the Pelicans Day National parks of Montenegro –Skadar Lake in cooperation with the Petrović Njegoš Foundation, Agency for Environmental Protection and the NGO Centre for Protection and Study of Birds, marked the Environment Day on 5th of June by inaugurating the “Pelicans Day”. Celebration of the “Pelicans Day”is part of a broader project aimed at protecting and promoting the Dalmatian Pelican on Lake Skadar. The project, which began last year, is financially supported by the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco. Tower for bird watching has been renovated and info panels providing visitors with basic information on the Skadar Lake, the flora and fauna of the area, reserve and pelicans have been placed. Pupils from primary schools from Tuzi and Golubovaca had the opportunity to observe the national parkin a different way, its diverse wildlife and enjoy the observation of protected bird species. Director of the Skadar Lake National Park Goran Škatarić said that the

Project for protection of olm in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Olm in the Miljacka II cave, Krka NP (c) B. Jalžić It inhabits the Dinaric karst area and is recognized as the most popular representative of subterranean fauna. Olm is 18 th on the list of EDGE (target species) and 3 rd on the Top 50 separate evolutionary amphibians. In Croatia it lives in Istria, Gorski Kotar and Lika and northern Dalmatia. Croatian Herpetological Society HYLA conducted research on olm in protected areas and Natura 2000 sites. Of particular concern is the population in the area of ​​the Krka National Park, where the population size is systematically recorded and monitored for more than 3 years. Monitoring was conducted on six locations: sinkhole Rupećica (Ogulinsko area), Krčevac, Markarova caves, Pincinova pit and MiljackaI and II in the National Park Krka. Olm was first recorded In Miljacka II in 1989, in 1998 in Miljacka II and Jama opposite of Lake Torak, and in 1999 in Miljacka III, IV and V. The aim of the first phase of the Project for protectio

Our journey through three Slovenian landscape parks

WWF project “Dinaric Arc Parks" visited three Slovenian landscape parks to organise workshops on how different population groups, interest groups, businesses and audiences recognize certain themes and the role of a regional park in the development of the same. Protected areas with their services (ecosystem or business related) protect the natural environment for all who use it. Often the beneficiaries of such services find themselves on the other side of the proverb “the one who drinks should also pay”. From neighbouring Croatia we brought an example of bad practice, where Parks have to pay for water use even though these areas clean, and protect drinking water sources.  Goričko Nature Park: Goričko Nature Park The first workshop was conducted in a mansion Grad, located in the eponymous village in Goričko Park. In size Goričko Nature Park is second in the country, just after Triglav National Park. The population is even higher, reaching almost 20,000 people. It has countl

The Alpine Convention Day in Mojstrana

WWF stand The main objective of the Alpine Convention Day in Mojstrana on May 24 was to draw attention to the sensitive alpine area, present the importance of the Alpine Convention and special alpine valleys, the importance of preserving natural and cultural heritage and to encourage visitors to visit Alpine valleys in an environmentally friendly way. This day also marked the European Day of Parks. Organizers have prepared a recreational cycling in the heart of the mountains, from the Gornje Gorje and Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana and from Mojstrana to Radovna and Krma, towards Pocarjevo household, providing also rich international cultural program in the Slovenian Alpine museum. The event was attended by 35 cyclists, 80 pedestrians and more than 100 visitors from all over Slovenia, who were impressed by the beauty, diverse events, with the organization and the great atmosphere. WWF's Leon Kebe with Triglav NP director Peter Skoberne  Cycling session, as well as the rest

International Student Art Colony at Prokletije National Park

Students were enjoying beautiful moments In Plav, located inside the Prokletije National Park, sixth "International Student Art Colony" took place. This year's colony brought together deans, professors, assistants and students from Macedonia, Egypt, Serbia, Kosovo*, Turkey and Montenegro. "The long-lasting inspiration from all colony participants was the reason why we added space for sculptors at this year's Art Colony. Despite the fact that it was raining all the time, the young artists and their teachers gave their best, leaving us with very good and beautiful works of art. We are delighted with all the sculptures that were made, which will surely decorate visitors center in the Prokletje National Park, " said Mr. Enes Drešković, Director of the Park. A student with her work "Considering the fact that this colony began its work even before establishment of the park, everyone from the Mountain-Sports club ‘Hrid’ and from the International

Development of the rewarded “Parkvision” project with Dinaric Arc Parks in Belgrade

The project idea of Djerdap NP was developed Participants of the workshop During 2nd Dinaric Arc Parks Conference, held in December last year in Budva, Montenegro, we organized the “Parkvision”, contest for best project idea. Each protected area representative had a right to vote for one out of eight project ideas. Đerdap National Park won the contest! That is the reason why it wasn’t hard to decide where to have first out of four project development workshops. At the beginning of May, WWF gathered participants from 12 protected areas from 4 countries: Serbia (Đerdap, Tara, Golija, Kopaonik and Vlasina), Montenegro (PENPM, Skadar Lake, Prokletije), Macedonia (Galičica, Pelister and Jasen) and Croatia (Kopački rit). 16 parks practitioners from the region showed great interest and motivation in the subject – Đerdap National Park project idea. It is a project idea regarding tourism that Đerdap NP would like to develop in collaboration with Montenegrin Skadar Lake NP, Croatian

OK fest on Tjentište

Past few days, Tjentište looked as if the entire Balkans was there, thanks to the Republican Youth Organization (FERS) in partnership with the Sutjeska National Park, with the support of the government of the Republic of Srpska. OK Fest officially began on July 4th and lasted until July 7th. Ortodox Celts band opened the festival. Namely, this band has filmed their music video for the new single "One" at the Orlovačko lake. The band members said they were delighted with nature of the Sutjeska National Park and that during the video shooting they had the feeling as if they were shooting for some Hollywood movie! Except Ortodox Celts, Tupas Mene from Banja luka, Grasshopers and Dj G Edd participated in the festival. On July 5th, guests of the Sutjeska National Park had the opportunity to enjoy hiking or rafting, depending on personal preferences. In the evening, which was quite rich with the cultural and musical program, everyone was wondering just one thing: "Is this

Gornje Podunavlje - zabranjeno lice Dunava

Specijalni rezervat prirode Gornje Podunavlje ovih je dana objavio promotivni film "Gornje Podunavlje - zabranjeno lice Dunava". Film prikazuje prirodni ciklus parka, od zime preko proljetnog buđenja, ljeta do jesenske rike jelena. Film je izrađen u sklopu projekta Zdravstveno stanje i zaštita odabranih Natura 2000 vrsta u okviru dunavskog prekograničnog područja u Srbiji i Mađarskoj, koji realiziraju JP Vojvodinašume Petrovaradin i Nacionalni park Dunav-Drava. Uživajte u 16 minuta prekrasne prirode SRP Gornje Podunavlje ! 

National Parks of Montenegro marked the Day of European Parks in Podgorica

Celebration in Podgovica National Parks of Montenegro joined the parks throughout Europe and marked 24th May – Day of European Parks, which was celebrated under the slogan of “Parks for nature. Parks for benefit. Parks for peace.“ Residents of Podgorica had the opportunity to taste the local products and look at the handicrafts of the local populations, but also to see what kind of programs Montenegrin tourist agencies offer. The program included an entertainment with traditional and modern sounds, while the youngest organized educational classes and art workshops. The intention of Public Institution National Parks of Montenegro was to symbolically connect five Montenegrin national parks: Durmitor, Biogradska mountain, Lovčen, Skadar Lake and Prokletje with the capital city Podogorica, bring the natural values ​​of the parks closer to the citizens and present their tourism offer through various segments or activities. Director of PINPMNE Zoran Mrdak said the parks are natur

Međunarodna studentska likovna kolonija

U Plavu je završena šesta po redu „Međunarodna studentska likovna kolonija“ koja se održavala na obroncima masiva Prokletije, odnosno Nacionalnog parka. Ovogodišnja kolonija okupila je dekane, profesore, asistente i studente iz Makedonije, Egipta, Srbije, Kosova,Turske i Crne Gore. „Dugogodišnja inspiracija svih učesnika nametnula je potrebu da od ove godine likovnoj koloniji dodamo i prostor za vajare. I pored toga što je tokom svih dana padala kiša, mladi umjetnici a i njihovi profesori su dali svoj maksimum, i ostavili nam po procjeni likovnih kritičara vrlo kvalitetna i lijepa umjetnička djela. Oduševljeni smo svim skulpturama koje su urađene,a koje će krasiti prostorije centra za posjetioce Nacionalnog parka Prokletije“, izjavio je direktor NP Prokletije Enes Drešković. „Obzirom da je ova kolonija počela i prije proglašenja Nacionalnog parka ,,Prokletije”, svi u PSK Hrid-u pa i u Internacionalnom univerzitetu iz Novog Pazara sa kojim smo zajedno počeli, saglasni smo da ovu v

Procjena vrijednosti albanskih zaštićenih područja

 NP Divjake Karavasta (Genti Kromidha, INCA-DAP Albania) Uspješno odrađena procjena vrijednosti zaštićenih područja i prednosti korištenja PA BAT metodologije u 9 albanskih nacionalnih parkova Kroz seriju radionica na kojima je sudjelovalo više od 150 sudionika, uključujući zaposlenike ali i razne dionike određenog zaštićenog područja, došlo se do informacija što sve albanski parkovi nude, gdje leži do sada još neiskorišteni potencijal, s kojim se problemima parkovi susreću te koje su prednosti i vrijednosti pojedinog zaštićenog područja. · Korištenje prirodnih resursa (jestivo bilje, ljekovito bilje, vađenje materijala, šuma, lov i ribolov) vrlo je važno za lokalne stanovnike. Upravo zbog toga, potrebno je raditi na poboljšanju pravnog okvira koji regulira ove aktivnosti, kao i na pronalaženju alternativnih načina za gospodarski razvoj. · Razvoj turizma istaknuo se kao potencijal, no potrebno je hitno poboljšati turističku i rekreativnu ponudu kao i pojedine inf

Dan Alpske konvencije

Štand WWF-a na Danu Alpske konvencije  Glavni cilj Dana Alpske konvencije u Mojstrani, 24. svibnja 2014., bio je skrenuti pozornost na osjetljivo alpsko područje, predstaviti važnost Alpske konvencije i posebnosti alpskih dolina, važnost očuvanja prirode i kulturne baštine te potaknuti posjetitelje da posjete Alpske doline na ekološki prihvatljiv način. Ovaj dan obilježio je također i Europski dan parkova. Za posjetitelje, organizatori su pripremili rekreativni biciklizam u srcu planina, iz Gornjih Gorja i Kranjske Gore, u Mojstranu i iz Mojstrane u Radovnu i Krmu, obilazak Pocarjevog domaćinstva s bogatim međunarodnim kulturnim programom u Slovenskom planiskom muzeju. Sve u svemu, događaju je prisustvovalo 35 biciklista, 80-tak šetača i više od 100 posjetitelja iz cijele Slovenije, koji su bili impresionirani ljepotom, raznolikim događanjima, samom organizacijom i odličnom atmosferom. Uvijek u dobom društvu Biciklizmu i ostalom programu nazočili su generalni tajnik Alps

Predstavljanje turističkih potencijala i promovisanje novih sadržaja Nacionalnih parkova Srbije

Predstavljanje turističkih potencijala i promovisanje novih sadržaja Nacionalnih parkova Srbije – NP Đerdap, NP Tara i NP Kopaonik, kao i aktivnosti vezanih za razvoj održivog turizma u zaštićenim područjima, bili su tema konferencije za novinare održane u Turističkoj organizaciji Srbije u Beogradu. Predstavnici nacionalnih parkova Srbije ovom su prilikom podsetili na turističke sadržaje koje već imaju, mahom vezane za aktivan odmor kao što su pešačke staze i obilazak vidikovaca, ali su govorili i o novim sadržajima finansiranim iz UNDP programa „Podrška održivom finansiranju sistema zaštićenih područja u Srbiji“ . Tako je na primer NP Tara kroz ovaj program finansirala izgradnju pešačke staze za lica za posebnim potrebama i izradu biznis plana, a NP Đerdap edukativnu stazu, taktilnu izložbu i analizu potencijala održivog turizma i edukaciju za eko vodiče. Svi učesnici konferencije za novinare složni su u oceni da su zaštićena područja oaze biološke raznovrsnosti i imaju nez

Tourism potential and promotion of the new content of National Parks of Serbia

Conference in National Tourism Organization Tourism potential and promotion of the new content of National Parks of Serbia (Đerdap, Tara and Kopaonik) were presented in the Tourist Organization of Serbia in Belgrade, as well as activities related to the development of sustainable tourism in protected areas. Representatives of the National Parks of Serbia reminded the public about already existing tourism facilities, mostly related to active recreation, such as pedestrian paths and visiting of the viewpoint. They also mentioned new facilities funded from UNDP program "Support for sustainable financing system of protected areas in Serbia." The Tara National Park thus funded the construction of pedestrian paths for the people with the special needs and created a business plan. The Ðerdap NP funded educational path, tactile exhibition and assessment about the potential of sustainable tourism and education for eco-guides. All participants were unanimous that protected area

Norway Ambassador in Serbia visited Tara National Park

Norway Ambassador in NP Tara On June 12, the Norway Ambassador in Serbia has visited the Tara National Park. His Excellency, Mr. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag visited Tara to monitor the progress of project implementation on the protection of forests against scolytids. That project, called “Green Tara”, has been financially supported by his country. At the visitor center of the park on Mitovac, Dr. Aleksandar Lucic - the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Tara National Park, Mr. Radomir Filipovic - Mayor of Bajina Bašta municipality, and Milica Tomic - assistant of The Tara NP Director, greeted the guests. On behalf of the donors, his Excellency Nils Ragnar Kamsvag gave a speech, after which followed a presentation on the activities of the National Park Tara, as well as the current achievements of the project. At the end, prof. Ljubodrag Mihajlovic gave the review about the importance of the project and project results, while the audience had the opportunity to enjoy brief tour on the

Filmske večeri na Brijunima

Nastavno na prošlogodišnje oživljavanje tradicije prikazivanja filmova na Brijunima povodom 60. obljetnice Festivala igranog filma u Puli, ovog je ljeta Nacionalni park Brijuni pripremio dvomjesečni program Filmskih večeri u prekrasnom prostoru Ljetnog kina na Velikom Brijunu. Izabrani filmski naslovi suvremene europske i svjetske nezavisne kinematografije predstaviti će se u dva navrata, počevši od 17. lipnja do 11. srpnja, kao svojevrsna uvertira programu Pulskog filmskog festivala, te nastaviti 29. srpnja do 29. kolovoza. Za vedrinu i smijeh ljetnih mjeseci, na repertoaru su komedije, romanse i po koja drama. Program Filmskih večeri možete preuzeti na web i facebook stranicama NP Brijuni. Pozivamo vas da uživajte u filmovima pod zvjezdanim nebom i doživite čaroliju Brijuna. ;-) Maja Bizjak Maretti NP Brijuni

Active vacation in Durmitor National Park

Two Zip Line Cabels in Durmitor NP Within the upcoming summer tourist season, NP Durmitor has enhanced and expanded its tourist offer, in order to contribute to sustainable development of the area. In addition to rafting, hiking, biking, fishing, visit the visitors center, „Active vacation“ added new content: Adventure Park, Zip Line, canyoning and paragliding. Adventure Park at the Black Lake is designed for all ages and conditional abilities of the participants. It consists of four parts: ground school, children's adventure park, park for adults, and a Zip line with a length of 170 m. Highly trained staff keeps the game space and equipment to the highest standards, thus providing complete security of participants. Two Zip Line Cables are placed from one to another part of the canyon, next to the Great bridge on Tara River. The Zip Line from 735 m is the second longest in Europe, and allows visitors to experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush and view at the indescri

Aktivni odmor u Nacionalnom parku Durmitor

Zip Line na Tari u NP Durmitor U okviru predstojeće ljetnje turističke sezone, NP Durmitor je unaprijedio i proširio svoju turističku ponudu, sa ciljem da se doprinese održivom razvoju ovog područja. Pored raftinga, planinarenja, biciklizma, sportskog ribolova, posjeta Centrima za posjetioce, itd., aktivnom odmoru su dodati novi sadržaji: avanturistički park, Zip Line, kanjoning i paraglajding. Avanturistički park na Crnom jezeru predviđen je za sve starosne dobi i kondicione sposobnosti učesnika. Sastoji se od četiri dijela: školski poligon, dječiji avanturistički park, park za odrasle, i Zip line sa dužinom od 170 m. Visoko obučeno osoblje održava prostor igre i opremu u skladu sa najvišim standardima, i na taj način pružaju potpunu bezbjednost i nadzor učesnicima. Dvije Zip Line sajle postavljene su sa jednog na drugi dio kanjona, pored Velikog mosta na Đurđevića Tari. Ovaj Zip Line od 735 m je drugi po dužini u Evropi, i posjetiocima omogućava da dožive nezaboravnu dozu adrena

Uspostavljen Zaštićeni pejzaž Trebević u BiH

Zaštićeni pejzaž Trebević Na sjednici Skupštine Kantona Sarajevo, održanoj 9. aprila 2014. godine, usvojen je Zakon o proglašenju Zaštićenog pejzaža „Trebević“. Ovim zakonom utvrđena je zaštita područja Trebevića i njegovih prirodnih vrijednosti na prostoru od 400,20 hektara. Precizirane su tačne granice obuhvata, kategorija zaštićenog područja i njegovo zoniranje. Ovo područje je podijeljeno u tri zaštićene zone. Prva zona, odnosno nukleus, koja je zona stroge zaštite, obuhvata 55,40 ha, druga (buffer) 294 ha, a treća, tzv. tranzicijska zona, 50,80 ha. Kantonalna javna ustanova za zaštićena prirodna područja upravlja područjem Bijambara, Skakavca i Vrela Bosne, a ovim zakonom utvrđeno je da upravlja i prostorom Trebevića. Stručni tim je izradio Privremene upravljačke smjernice do donošenja plana upravljanja ovim područjem. Uspostava zaštićenog pejzaža „Trebević“ ima svrhu očuvanja i unapređenja svih elemenata fizičkogeografskog i biološkog diverziteta u zoni zaštićenog područja,

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism verifier visiting BiH and Croatian parks

Mr. Partington with WWF's representative and the Medvednica Nature Park director Independent verifier Richard Partington visited Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian nature parks Medvednica and Lonjsko Polje in late June. They are the first in those countries to have applied for EUROPARC’s European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas – the most important step towards ensuring a more sustainable tourism which does not damage the very nature people come to see. The three areas have gone through the process of verification, organised by EUROPARC Consulting. The result should be known in October this year. The underlying aims of the Charter are: · to increase awareness of, and support for, Europe’s protected areas as a fundamental part of our heritage that should be preserved for, and enjoyed by, current and future generations; · to improve the sustainable development and management of tourism in protect

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism verifiers visiting 5 Dinaric Arc Parks

In February this year, 5 parks from the Dinaric Arc Parks network applied for European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, certificate given by Europarc Federation. Due to their nomination, independent verifiers visited Una National Park (BiH), Medvednica and Lonjsko Polje Nature Parks (Croatia) and Fruska Gora National Park and Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve (Serbia). Their task was to check the situation in the field: talk to parks staff, their stakeholders... Mrs. Marja van Loef visited Serbian parks, while Mr. Richard Partington visited Croatian parks and Una NP. The result of their visit will be known in October this year! More about different visits you can find out by clicking on the following countries: Serbia , BiH, Croatia . Marja with stakeholders of Gornje Podunavlje SNR Marja and the team in the monastry in Fruska Gora NP  Strbacki buk in Una NP, Richard with Zrinka Delic and Andrea Stefan Richard with Lonjsko polje NP director Goran Gugic

Verifikatori posjetili pet parkova nominiranih za Europski certifikat za održivi turizam

Nakon što su početkom godine Nacionalni park Una (BiH), Specijalni rezervat prirode Gornje Podunavlje i Nacionalni park Fruška Gora (Srbija), te parkovi prirode Medvednica i Lonjsko polje (Hrvatska) predali nominaciju za Europski certifikat za održivi turizam koji dodjeljuje Europarc federacija, tijekom juna te su parkove posjetili nezavisni procjenitelji. Njihov je zadatak bio vidjeti jesu li parkovi u skladu sa Strategijom o održivom turizmu, koju je svaki park trebao izraditi kao uvjet za nominaciju. Marja van Loef posjetila je srpske parkove, dok je hrvatske parkove i NP Una posjetio Richard Partington. Razgovarali su s brojnim dionicima parkova, pregledali stanje na terenu, razgovarali s predstavnicima parka o akcijskom planu koji je svaki park izradio za daljnjih pet godina... Rezultati posjeta bit će poznati u oktobru, a više o samim prosjetama verifikatora, ovisno o zemlji, saznajte klikom na svaku od zemalja: Srbija , BiH , Hrvatska . Petra Boić Petrač, WWF Dion